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Merry Christmas

I feel incredibly lucky that the current restrictions in Sydney haven’t had a considerable impact on our Christmas day plans. Unfortunately, we were planning on travelling down to Victoria in the New Year. And as there are now border closures in place we need to be patient. On the upside, I finished my Christmas socks […]

So much garter stitch

I feel that I have achieved very little this week. I had such a busy week at work that I found myself wanting to just lay on the lounge once I got home. I did manage some knitting, although as I’m knitting the same two projects and reading the same book there really isn’t much […]

Winner winner chicken dinner

This was the title of an email that I received yesterday. I ignored this email until this morning as I thought it was a scam email. It turns I had won a two-night stay at one of Australia’s oldest Homesteads without realising I had entered. I saw a post from Tarndie on Instagram in regards […]

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